Hypnagogia EP

by Replicator

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“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

“The hypnagogic state is considered by many to be a genius state, without boundaries or any limitations.”

This EP was originally supposed to be a full length concept album but eventually was overshadowed by a number of other projects. As a result it's been re-positioned and re-recorded more times than i care to count, all of the writing and instrumentals were finished around 3-4 years ago and i just hadn't gotten around to releasing it until now. It was written during a period of experimentation with psychedelic drugs, meditation & lucid dreaming and the writing is deliberately esoteric and long-winded, lyrics are included in the description of each song for you to peruse. The general concept, although i'll be the first to admit that i clearly don't stick to it definitively, is the description of a journey of expanding one's awareness above the mundanity of everyday existance and wrestling with the concepts of time, perception and the metaphysical questions of human experience.... or something like that, enjoy!


released June 13, 2016

All instrumentals & Lyrix produced by Replicator
Mixed by Replicator, Mastered by Broken Glass.



all rights reserved


Futurology Glasgow, UK

A Hip-Hop Collective from Glasgow


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Track Name: Birdsong
The cackling geese over yonder are mocking me,
Splash on a windowframe pondering walking beats,
Hopelessly squandering all we've held sacred,
Slowly we sonter through broken streets naked,
A means to an end, justifying morality,
Gleaming white walls are surrounding the money trees,
Funnily juxtapositioning wisdom,
Cunning & fucked up admissions kept hidden,
Musicians on missions, emit their condition,
And silently wish that somebody will listen,
Not by my volition, Just all that i know,
Like a live exorcism, dressed up as a show,
A strange new beginning, that's founded in loss,
And granted but only, if needed it's not,
The guardians of time, have thrust open the doors,
But the pain that I've felt, shall dwell forevermore,

Opportunities squandered, burnt out in the heat,
And i fear that we move ever closer to defeat,
I understand we can leave, altruism aside,
I can see that there's pain in everyway there is pride,
Spirit, body & mind, is that all it really is?
Nothing to be found, this mist is just mist,
A simulation chasing itself inside the maze,
Until i break gaze and it's replaced with a grave,
I wish that i could look away, but i'm too caught in this matrix,
No chance of transcendence until i've mastered the basics,
Practically faceless, case of flickering out,
Malice & hatred, till i taste sick in my mouth,
I need to let go, no! i need to calm down!
The room's spinning slow, my body meeting the ground,
All senses are failing, I'm helplessly flayling,
My lenses degraded, the pain is becoming debilitating!!!

Exhilirating, statues stood so close to the edge,
Deliberating with baited breath,
With words when spoken create transcendental debt,
Could of sworn i seen them wept, from beneath a concrete stare,
More indecent jest, Than a call to arms beware,
It's cheap to fight fair, When instead we could cheat,
A sign of weakness to care, despite feeling complete,

Not so sure that i sleep anymore, I think I'm just closing my eyes,
Fury runs deep in my pores, everything seems like a lie,
Words decompose & then die, Repeating the function,
Heard my own prose & i cry, Defeating the purpose,
Defeated deceit, but it's come at a cost,
Searching for truths that forever remain lost,
Truths within Lyrics, that no-one even listens to,
And if they do, I'm scared the translation is too literal...
Track Name: Dulcify
1st Verse (Intro);

This is for the ragtags, an ode to a tearaway,
Sickened silver sandbags, searching for a safe escape,
My mind is quite contrary but i love it for it's lunacy,
Sometimes i find it scary but it does it's duty beautifully,
Whimsical then serious, delusional, delirious,
A criminal veneer above a truthful loose experience,
A queery held at ransom for a couple of coins,
My theory? random tangents held together by noise,
Woeful, annoyed, but never exuding compunction,
A totum poll of joy, forever marooned in injunctions,
A plethora of drunkards, addicted to measuring time,
Tethered & nurtured, a quick fix, a ladder to climb,
Just gimme mine, let everyone else fend for themselves,
Blame assigned to structured wealth but never myself,
The truth? My future's been packaged & dealt,
Long before I'd even inhabited earth,


If ever there's a moment, that clarifyes all doubt,
It comes when your are lonely, it comes when you need out,
It's never opportune, It's never when your lost,
It's granted but if only, when needed it is not,

2nd Verse;

So where do i start? All the these truths lay unchartered,
Affairs of the heart, sparse colluding with martyrs,
toroidal unbroken on joking motives I'm choking,
soiled eroding what approaches seems foreboding,
An omen of the past that forever haunts the future,
Alone and yet amassed as i glare at a computer,
A terabitic tutor, terrible at best,
Serendipity sutured the gaping whole in my chest,
If only for a moment reacquainted with surroundings,
Atonement almost golden holding motions till I'm drowning,
Condolences astounding pound the senses from my being,
Opponents slowly mounting now the senselessness is fleeting,
I swing between perspectives no control in my emotions,
My wings refuse direction my soul engulfing oceans,
My tendencies are potent, won't let go until the death of me,
Consistently cogent, the notion, that this whole thing is a dream,
Can i tear it apart at the seams and start it all over again,
Stare into particle beams chart the beholder's intent,
Hardly a task to augment the chemistry building me up,
Partly a risk to dissent the tendencies wilting my bluff,
Entropy's willing enough but jealousy's killing the love,
Steadily filling the cup with destiny's visceral pup,
Recklessly shilling & snuffed Pleasantry's billing is rough,
Enemies tilting disgust & readily yield what becomes,
Of my fragile mind resting in foetal position,
Chart the slow decline, interspersed with wrong decisions,
Long divisions, Strong collisions without mission,
I feel my vision twisting through the will of their admissions,
A moment, that's infinite, and choking on their grimices,
Stolen before I'd witnessed it and cloaked in it's derivatives,
Analysis Paralysis every minute, every second,
abstinence is ravenous, devouring my very essence,


If ever there's a moment, that clarifyes all doubt,
It comes when your are lonely, it comes when you need out,
It's never opportune, It's never when your lost,
It's granted but if only, when needed it is not,

3rd Verse;

This is for me, everyone else is but a passer-by,
Listening helps, just don't mistake it for a battle cry,
Go construct your own disguise and meet me in the center,
I know it's tough I won't deny it's easy to surrender,
Believe me it gets better, learn to render your senses,
Breathe deeply and together we'll dismember your defences,
Enter through appendixes of memories and emotion,
Present you a message providing energy and focus,
It's not a simple notion, more a shifting of perspective,
Can't measure out a dosage, It's hectic and Introspective,
This truth must be elected, It's all about a choice,
Dissect all you've collected, conversate with inner voice,
Commonplace within our states of consciouss existance,
Honesty over policies will promise us to listen,
Christen new found wisdom with every day that passes,
Ignition to ambition your mission creating method within madness


If ever there's a moment, that clarifyes all doubt,
It comes when your are lonely, it comes when you need out,
It's never opportune, It's never when your lost,
It's granted but if only, when needed it is not,
Track Name: Phosphenes

I can't place myself, I wish to be rid of this nightmare,


Pressing my fingers deeper into my eyelids,
The hallucinations are becoming more violent,
Consciouss awash, systematic complaince,
Nonsensical thoughts & unflinching alliance,
Defiance kept silent, burrowed into my chest,
As i piously lie, muttering under bated breath,
All anger is captured, before it slips from my tongue,
Beliefs manafactured, and then passed to the young,

They teach you not to fail, instead of how to succeed,
So you function based on fear, instead of fearless self-belief,
So selfishly i breakaway, try to ignore the ignorance,
Take relief in isolation, shunning false encouragement....bcos...
sometimes i feel like i'm misshapen and moulded,
Conditioned to traditions, forsaken and hopeless,
Quaking and frozen, all these beliefs lack insight,
So i've chosen, to seek the truth above what's right

Cloaked by the darkness, i draft philosophies by candlelight,
struggle to find solice, as i unsheath my sword & take flight,
This ain't right, a fake fight, bordering insanity,
It takes might, to take life, for the status of democracy,
A tradgedy born, out of miscommunication,
Fallacies scorned, but still no reperations,
You'd be mistaken to believe in all you see on your screen,
But it takes patience to percieve all that you see as a dream,

So seek release above revenge, quench your self esteem,
Search for peace within yourself, disregard dense regimes,
Because learning is growth, and cynicism is death,
so never swear an oath, to anything but your next breath,
Cos no matter who you are, you'll lose it all in the end,
You've just got to decide, whether your time was well spent,
Are you content with transcendence,
Did you ascend in your profession,
Or were you dependant on descendants,
A dead expended pretender
Track Name: Borborgymos
1st Chorus:

Breakaway, malavolent day, I can see right through you,
Open case, In a closed book, with no clues

1st Verse:

Wake up, cold sweat, eye of the storm, abstract in form, facial expression forlorne,
Spacial telepathy worn to the bone, based in hypocrisy built on it's own,
In demilitarised zone's, clone after clone, torn from the tone all alone,
As they rise to meet the challenges, creationists born of their father's sins,
Unfathomless, now fathom this, we're pacifists,
Watching them pass this vapid shit into their grandkids mitts and staying silent,
Observing the spread of this virus, scoping kalieds, waiting for midas to show,
Dodging the dread of the tyrants, averting the crisis, painting my iris gold,
Take me dancing through the billowing smokerings in my mind,
Fake romancing, you're the fluttering in the moment i lost my sight,
Sacred changeling, that bleeds upon my palms and then takes flight,
Ancient sun-king, that wears the creed but never bears the plight,

2nd Chorus:

I can see a better way, Exhibit & display,
I can't see a better way, Exhibiting dismay,

2nd Verse:

My passion burns like a furnace, a nocturnal nurtured purpose,
On the surface i may look nervous but my mind is and earnest circus,
Furnished purple circuits cave away till i'm verbally wordless,
Every day i feel more and more worthless, carrying emotional surplus,
I'm beginning to surface, i can see the shallow end in my dreams,
Amorphous and serpent, i've been who i was destined to be,
A machine in a warehouse, a pig in a cage,
Reconvened on the way around to dig up the grave,
I guess that i have come of age as i lay plagued across the page.. DISENGAGE!!!!

3rd Chorus:

Take me away from here, no windows to my soul,
Lead me astray my dear, and i'll relinquish all control.
Relinquish all control

Speaking bit at end;

All humans are missing something. We're all looking for it, although we don't know for sure what IT is...
Some think it's faith, so they devote themselves, giving their life to a religion... or a vocation, or love.. trying to find a higher reason.
One that cannot be understood with logic. Others devote themselves to objects, the instant pleasure of possession, consuming as a means of transcending, accumulating. Exchanging their souls for the abstract value of material wealth.

Meanwhile, the plants, the animals and all other living beings bear with our confusion, our ignorance, for they understand,
They don't need a reason to be... they just are....
Track Name: Transcendence
I'll never break the formation, i'll never stumble i'll stride,
I will continue consumption, i'll learn to swallow my pride,
I will juxtaposition my sense of self with my time,
I'll imprison cognition and disconnect from my mind,
I'll put my neck on the line, for things i don't understand,
Enshrine the design of life, drafted by those in command,
The laws of the land, to which we must adhere,
The truth won't set you free and it's more comfartable to live in fear.

From dated pages to eliptical status, we convey the changes of unnatural nature,
Saturate favours... capturing wayward glances of greatness,
Losing patience & faith as we pay into our grave,
So we pray for salvation, held inside a closed fist,
Dazed & mistaken, we take a life that won't be missed,
I don't believe it, at the very least i can't relate,
So we conspire in secret, discussing what doesn't equate,
Is it already too late, to change our murderous ways,
We need to make a change, instead of looking for someone to blame,
Stride through the thundering rain, to a more wonderous day,
Or end up plundered with pain, in a world lead astray,

Stride through the thundering rain, to a more wonderous day,
Or end up plundered with pain, in a world lead astray,

Our institutes are failing, cos they're no longer relevant,
Stupidly flayling, mumbling half-hearted sentiment,
Co-dependant to defense like it's a means of survival,
Content to sit on the fence of indecision & denial,
Never going the extra mile, for what we truly deserve,
Continue rank & file, Keep the consensus preserved,
Respect isn't earned, in fact it doesn't exist,
It's just a notion you've accepted without questioning it,
Misleading obedience in a quest for acceptance,
Feeding on weakness until eventual transcendence,
Causes realisation, but only once it's too late,
Applauding the ignorance of belief in a fate,
A one way rat race, filled with greed and possession,
Some say to save face, that they need satisfaction,
Well i refuse to believe, that this is really the aim,
Slaving 8 days a week to point the finger of blame,
I guess it's all in the game so just keep plodding along,
Wire into the mainframe, and sing a happy song,
Of warriors gone and principles now dismissed,
As the new dawn fades over our ignorant bliss,
What a sinister twist, maybe we'll never reach safety,
Never imprisoned but also never escaping,

What a sinister twist, maybe we'll never reach safety,
Never imprisoned but also never escaping...
Track Name: Nequam Sonitus
Nequam sonitus, pointless noise,
Dead end believers of a noiseless point,
The finger of blame, laying squarely in a circle,
Soiled with lingering stains of a parasitic culture,

I'd swear i was free, in a previous existance,
But unfair fees left me grieving a distance,
Decieved, seeking a pittance just to witness the atrocity exhibition,

Left witless, intuition to indescision,
Sometimes it feels like i need permission,
For these ideas to come to fruition,
But forget the melody & the rhythm for a minute,
Cos i've stripped this back to make sure that you listen!

See i'd like to believe that my words carry meaning,
Just like a birds cares are fleeting,
Or the earht's axis is spinning,
Divulging opinions, first written the spoken,
Never quitting or choking, just hoping,
That i could bring some hope to the hopeless,
Give a voice to the voiceless,
Boister the boisterious and leave them paranoid and noiseless...point

Annointed, written across a torn page,
Floorboards creak as i feign another fake face,
Cut, paste, the blind rage, plead as it passes unnoticed,
Another waste upon a stage, bleeding shattered & frozen,
Camp inside calm for a moment, till it's cruelly ripped a sunder,
In a world so blatantly broken,
All i ever do is wonder about others, and what they wonder..

What do our perspectives share, and where do they differ,
Do they consider themselves indifferent to the issues that matter,
Do they live with abandon,
Or adhere to a status quo,
Untill the crash land into a chasm of self pity & woe,
Do they believe in themselves?
Do they believe in other people?
Do they let their habits dwell,
Till they become inflated ego's
My sense of self is feeble, held down by multiverses,
Densely quenching evil leaving people trapped in trenches,
Visualisation of sucess isn't helping,
Just leaving me restless,
Questioning questions on the edge of a neverending precipice,

At night i toss & turn, hoping the fear'll leave me soon enough,
Either that or crash & burn, content in calling a blind man's bluff,
My time's up, left feeling solemn,
But times are tough so it ends up borrowed.. Filled with sorrow,
For memories i no longer remember,
Hit the bottle, with moral motto's
end up cleansed and dismembered,
Turgid & worthless, am i nothing but circuits,
Wired into a mainframe that's main output is disdain,
Inputting data, vomit out worthless observation,
Insolent, wayward, my doubts aren't worth contemplation,

A condemned native, condemning the condemnation,
for it's lack of...
Relative patience, disband this sedative nation,
With my onomatopiac mentalist cadence,
my concepts seem so basic, until i'm forced to explain em'

Because no one will listen,
I guess they think i'm naive,
So they attempt to force submission,
Assuming that i'll just conceed,
Well i'm a dreamer, not a fool,
And i'm using this pen as my weapon,
Because when cynicism becomes cool
And infiltrates the general consensus,
All thats left is a generation,
willing to shrug it off and move along,
Using indifference as protection,
From a cold world with happy songs..

Committing auditory homocide, in the name of fading belief,
Enabling national genocide's,
So they can be comfartable where they sleep,
The price of convenience,
Is more than we could ever imagine,
Fully immeresed ourselves in grees,
Leaving us souless and overdemanding,
Impatient & lacking understanding..

Apathetic & vapid,
With talents vanquished for a cheap laugh,
Paralytic & cackling,
From malice practiced on a weak man,
Vulnerablity is weakness, in the land of cheapened bleakness,
Our senseablities are teetering, over a cliff of deepening ignorance,

And as i stand atop and stare,
Into an unfathomable distance,
An ontological, homeostatic,
Self re-inforcing system,
I cannot chose whether to impart judgement or wisdom,
I can't tell if this is the end, or only the beginning..

Nequam sonitus, useless noise.